If you have a very small kitchen, but definitely need more freezer space, have you considered purchasing a table top freezer to solve your problem? Perhaps you live in an extremely small bedsit apartment, and there is just no room for a full sized freezer, again a small freezer to sit on a table or your kitchen counter could fit the bill.

Who should buy a table top freezer? A mini freezer would be suitable for many types of people, but especially for:

Cooks: Stock up on extra frozen goods when sales are on to save money. Make meals ahead to freeze for busy times.

Gardeners: If you grow vegetables in your garden, you can freeze your excess. You will then have all the fresh vegetables you need at your fingertips.

Campers: A small freezer would be ideal for using on camping trips, and for freezing all those fish you are going to catch.

Travelers: Small enough to use in your motor home or caravan.

College students: A compact freezer would be ideal to use in your dorm room, if you want to be independent when it comes to meals.

If you need to freeze seafood or any other food with a strong odor, which could contaminate other foods such as ice cream, put it in your mini freezer to keep it away from your other foods.

A popular table top freezer you could consider purchasing is the Haier Humo 13EA, which is a compact upright freezer. It is small enough to fit almost anywhere, but can hold up to 45 pounds of frozen food. You can put in on a kitchen counter top, table, desk, shelf or surface that can support its weight when fully loaded.

Pros of the Haier Humo 13EA

Quiet motor.

Stylish looks.

Reversible door.

Adjustable thermostat.

A coated wire shelf that can be taken out if you have tall items to store.

Durable and easy to clean.

Reasonable price.

Cons of the Haier Humo 13EA

Users of this table top freezer have identified only one real disadvantage. They state that as the motor is situated in the lower part of the freezer, it takes up precious space that could be used for storing more food.

What some satisfied buyers have said about the Haier Humo 13EA

“This product is amazing. I have begun using it in my dorm room to make my own meals, as the “freezer” in my dorm fridge has about two inches of space. I can now buy my food in advance. I have had absolutely no problems with it, and I fully recommend it to anyone who lives in a dorm room or a small apartment”.

“I have used my Haier Humo mini freezer for a few weeks now, and it is definitely worth its five stars. It is much bigger than I was expecting. I have eight frozen dinners in boxes on the bottom shelf, and five bags of frozen vegetables on the top shelf, and there is still some room to spare! One of these would be perfect for someone who does not need piles of freezer space, but who needs more than the tiny freezers that small fridges typically have”.