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One refrigerator brand in particular that gets a five-star rating from customers at Amazon is no other than the following. The specific refrigerator is no other than the LG LTN16385PL 15.7 Cu. Ft. Platinum Counter Depth Top Freezer Refrigerator. What makes this refrigerator so very special is everything. LG does always seem to come up with something new and different from a total creative aspect. This very fine refrigerator is definitely a top of the line product and a top of the line choice for all the right reasons. The unique features of this refrigerator do include the following. They are 3 tempered glass shelves, LED lighting, humidity controlled crispers, and temperature controls. The price for this exceptional refrigerator product is $767.29. It is truly one of the finest of all refrigerator items that is listed on

Another top refrigerator brand is no other than Avanti. Avanti has one specific refrigerator product that does get five stars from customers and this refrigerator is no other than Avanti FF994PS 10.0 CF Two Door / Frost Free / Glass Shelves / Reversiblee Doors / Black w/Platinum Doors. This Avanti refrigerator all that you do need it be in every way. This is because it a combination refrigerator and freezer. Some of the product feature it does include are being Frost Free, door rack can hold two liter bottles and gallon jugs. It also has adjustable/removable glass draws that This refrigerator is the real McCoy and it does deliver in a very big way on being a product you can fully depend on for all the right reasons.

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