Modern under counter freezers are extremely convenient and are great space savers. Compared to an upright freezer, under counter freezers have a lot more storage space, when needed in limited spacial locations. With advanced technology, these great freezer models can be paneled to match your environment. Under counter freezers have become much more popular in the last few years, because of their convenience and its time saving, energy efficient features. They are of the highest quality, stand-alone units, that provides great frost freezer storage in a compact construction. The benefits of an under counter frost free freezer involves:

Lower risk of vaccine loss – Under counter food storage units contain separate condensers and compressors, so that there is not loss of vaccine

Stability of temperatures – These under counter frost free units are designed to keep a single set temperature throughout its freezer section. There are no temperature fluctuations in its adjustable temperature gauges, when used everyday.

Let’s look at an under counter brand name, that has been in business since 1969 and has been a leader in compact refrigerator and freezer models that are very innovative units. The Summit Company, has offered and continues to offer style, innovation, functionality, and exact details to even the smallest features. Summit appliances can be found in many residential homes, healthcare facilities, commercial businesses, educational institutions, and food service industry locations, throughout the U.S. and foreign countries. Summit introduces its unique frost free technology in its under counter SCFF51OS series. Unlike other under counter, frost free units, whose temperatures vacillates a few degrees, the Summit SCFF51OS unit keeps an even flowing cooling temperature. All Summit freezer models embody top innovated features and top quality construction.

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The Summit SCFF51OS specifications, include:

digital thermostat for easy temperature management. Its electronic controls provides easy and intuitive temperature, so that you can set for extra meats, beverages, or frozen desserts

factory installed lock for security purposes

can be used as a free standing model or built-in

off and on LED lighting switch located on the control panel

reversible door swing options

environmentally friendly, with no ozone damaging chemicals in this freezer, which makes it 100% CFC free

weatherproof design and has a sturdy outward construction against bangs and dents

height is 34.0″; width is 23.63″; depth is 23.5″

The Summit SCFF51OS under counter, frost free freezer model is available in a jet black finish, a white finish, and a 304 grade stainless steel finish, all of which can also be acquired in Summit’s overlay kit that is sold separately. This unit is available in a reversible, left and right door handle option. Its frost free design eliminates manual defrosting. It has 3 adjustable chrome shelves for extra storage space, which can be customized to fit your interior needs. The SCFF51OS has a 1 year parts and labor warranty and a 5 year compressor warranty. Even though the Summit SCFF51OS is noted for being an outdoor freezer, this unit looks great in any indoor environment. A unique feature of the SCFF51OS series freezer, is its reliability to hold your contents when you are away from the unit, but preferably less than three week.

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Let’s look at its electrical advantage details, which include:

amps are 2.0

voltage and frequency is 115V with AC/60 Hz

annual energy usage of 410 kWh

U.S. and Canadian electrical safety features

uses 2.802 of freon

This features for the SCFF51OS series freezer are standard, advanced refrigeration features, with auto-defrost technology and stabilizing and protective cooler contents. These under counter freezers are built with the same quality components, materials, and craftsmanship as all of the Summit products, which is why these models will provide years of worry free service. In a realistic world, there will be power failures and when this occurs, this Summit model’s cooling temperature has been proven not to be affected, because most power failures are corrected within a few hours.

The Summit SCFF51OS under counter frost free freezer models are typical of indoor/outdoor appliances that haven’t had an audience until recently. Thanks to manufacturing brands like Summit, these freezer styled appliances are available to residential homes, commercial industries, and almost any other compact centered environment where foods need to be stored. Other benefits in the use of under counter freezers like the SCFF51OS series, is that these handy freezers provide you with a lot more than just extra freezer space. The SCFF51OS units provide freezer burn free meats and goods whenever you need them, right at your fingertips.

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Under counter frost free freezers are a great option for supplementing your existing freezer space, as well as a great unit if you are remodeling. Summit SCFF51OS is designed to fit virtually anywhere and is constructed from heavy duty materials to stand up to everyday use. Regardless of whether your style is utilitarian or aristocratic, the SCFF51OS series unit models, will match your aesthetic use. When you are looking for an under the counter, freezer with frost free technology, you will have great Summit brand options that work in any food storage environment where space is at
a premium.