An under counter ice maker comes in extremely handy in smaller bars, cafes, and also at office or home. Under counter ice makers are meant to make smaller ice cubes. Unfortunately, these ice makers cannot be tested out in stores. But we have done the research part to make things easier for you. Let’s take a look at the top four best under counter ice makers available for purchase.

Ice-O-Matic ICEU300FA

The ICEU300FA from Ice-O-Matic makes close to 309 lbs. of cube-shaped ice once every 24 hours, under the right temperature settings. The cubes take longer to melt; ensuring the beverages the ice is dipped into doesn’t get diluted too quickly. This makes this machine ideal for bar setups wherein the drinks get served “on the rocks”. The inbuilt storage bin can hold close to 112 lbs. of ice at any given time. Ice-O-Matic lets you have sufficient ice supply handy.

The ICEU300FA has a self-contained, air-cooled condenser. The machine only exhausts 8.6 kWH for every 100 lbs. of ice it makes. It transforms 125 litres of water into 100 lbs. of cubes, with minimum water quantity flushed out after every cycle.

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Scotsman CU3030MA-1

This under counter ice making machine from Scotsman can churn out close to 250 pounds of medium-sized cubes per day, and amass close to 110 lbs. of ice. The ice cubes melt gradually to mitigate any form of beverage dilution. The machine also keeps the user informed about any status alterations through its AutoAlert indicator bulbs. Certified by ENERGY STAR, this Scotsman ice maker comes with a detachable door and top panel to let the user easily access the internals of the machine for service and cleaning. The 33-inch stature makes it easier for the machine to go underneath a majority of counters, deeming it ideal for usage in small restaurants, bars, private clubs, etc.

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Hoshizaki KM-260BAH

This Hoshizaki ice maker is an ENERGY STAR-rated, air-cooled machine that makes signature Hoshizaki crescent cubes. Being air-cooled, it utilizes surrounding air to keep its condenser cool. This model is among the company’s medium-size ice makers, measuring 39 inches in height and 30 inches in width. Within 24 hours, the ice maker can make ice cubes weighing close to 263 pounds. The internal storage area can occupy ice close to 100 pounds at a time. When compared to other ice makers in this list, the production levels of this machine may not be high – making the machine ideal for people with moderate ice requirements.

It will fit well into office break rooms, small bars, private clubs, or athletic facilities. For power, the machine needs a 115-volt plug. There are several unique benefits to this system. For instance, the evaporator plate – made of stainless steel – can withstand heavy usage better than any other model. Also, the Ever Check and Cycle Shaver features offer an energy-efficient, more reliable ice maker requiring less maintenance when compared to other machines.

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The Sunpentown IM-150Us is a great under counter ice-making tool for people on a budget. However, if price was ever a quality indicator, it would be so untrue in the case of this machine. This quality product makes wonderful crescent-shaped ices almost instantly. It is likely to be found in most refrigeration stores. It’s perfect for people who have larger volumes of ice requirements per day and want a machine that easily fits under the counter. This makes it almost perfect for home bar installations.

Though an under-counter machine, it can easily live up to being a standalone ice machine too. The unit prepares crescent-shaped ice of close to 12 pounds with a length of 2.5 inches, perfect for a scotch. It can store cubes weighing close to 6 pounds, ensuring you have enough stock handy. The SPT IM-150US comes with an ‘auto off’ quality that activates when the storage area is full, making sure ice spills don’t turn out a bother. There is also the ‘auto defrost’ feature to ensure a tidy interior.

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