For a moment, look into the freezer unit of your refrigerator. How full is it? Do you find yourself constantly cramming or arranging frozen foods to ensure everything fits in it? Do you have difficulties shutting the door? Would you buy more frozen foods, if you only had the freezer space? If this is the case, you may want to consider a deep chest freezer.

Why Own a Deep Chest Freezer?

Once you own one, there is seemingly no limit to the amount of food you can keep frozen at one time. For example, if you like to buy things like meat in bulk, you are able to. If you fish or hunt often, you can package and store your meat in a deep freezer. Additionally, you can preserve large containers of frozen foods as desserts or whatever your heart desires.

So, if you consider to buy a deep chest freezer, which unit should you choose? How much are you willing to spend? Here, we have researched six mid-sized, affordably priced freezers, all under $400, available to purchase on While these units lack all the fancy features of more expensive models, they do the job and are dependable as well.

Six Inexpensive Models

These models are listed in descending order according to price. The following columns include: model, cubic feet of interior storage room (5.0 to 7.2 cubic feet), their review rating based on a 5-star system, and price (as listed on Amazon).

6. General Electic FCM7SUWW

For effective organization, this model features 2 lift-out, sliding, bulk, baskets and ample storage space. Because this features manual defrosting and a drain valve, you can defrost it at your own convenience. This unit also contains an adjustable temperature control so you can raise or lower the coldness as necessary. Its recessed handles make opening the unit easy, giving it a clean appearance. Finally, it has a power indicator light to indicate that it’s running.

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5. Haier HF71CW10W

With its textured aluminum interior, this model contains basic features to make storing food quick and easy. Also, contains an adjustable temperature guide, power indicator light, and water drain valve. Its dimensions are approx 37” wide X 22” deep X 39” height, requiring minimal space for its storage capacity. Included is a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

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4. Danby DCF055A1WDB1

This unit features energy efficient insulation foamed walls and a rounded top. With manual defrost, you can drain water out the bottom with its drain valve. Its rust-resistant inner aluminum surface makes defrosting fast and easy. Freezer includes one wire basket and one compartment divider for easy organization. Its power light indicates it is running properly.

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3. Danby DCF072A2WDB1

With 7.2 cubic feet storage, this unit offers ample room to store your food. It features a rounded top and flat walls, inner coated with insulation foam, keeping the cold air in and is Energy Guide compliant . Also, it is manual defrosting with a water drain valve at the bottom of the unit. It contains a temperature control dial and power indicator light. Included is a 12-month warranty and in-home service repairs.

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2. midea WHS-258C1

Though it’s not quite the “run of the mill”, it contains the basic features as the recessed handle and easy to clean interior, making it highly functional. This model is approx 73 lbs, making it lighter and more compact than similar units. It also features mechanical control with a temperature adjustment knob. For easy storage it contains a removable wire basket. Included is a 1-year warranty on parts and labor plus a 2-year warranty on its compressor.

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1. midea WHS-158C1

This low-cost compact deep chest freezer makes storage easy. For a basic unit, the price is hard to beat. It features a temperature control knob, a recessed handle, and removable storage basket. Also, it is more compact and lightweight than similar models. So, if 5.0 cubic feet of storage is ample, this unit will definitely do the job. Included is a 1-year warranty on parts and labor plus a 2-year warranty on its compressor.

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You will love your deep chest freezer. These units are great for basements, garages, and even in lake cabins. Knowing that you own one, you need not limit your frozen food purchases and can preserve foods much longer. That means more ice cream treats for the children and a greater variety of meats for the entire family.