Owning a frost-free chest freezer sounds much enticing. Because there is no formation of frost, there is no need to remove it manually. Although this may sound nice, is it really? To find out more, read on.

Pros and Cons of a Frost-Free Freezer

The main advantage of using a frost-free chest freezer is not having to defrost the unit by hand.   That means the elimination of hard physical work and temporary food preservation.

There are setbacks in acquiring a frost-free freezer. First, if you absolutely must have this kind of freezer, be ready to fork out some serious dough. The vast majority of frost-free units are priced at $1,000 or more. Second, frost-free freezers have been found to have higher electrical usage (kilowatt hours) than manual frost units. Third, food in a frost-free unit is more likely to sustain freezer burn than one requiring manual defrosting.

However, by researching the top frost-free chest freezers, you may find units that greatly attempt to offset the cons of such freezers.

Top Frost-Free Models

The brand name “Summit” is known to produce the finest of frost-free chest freezers. Below are three of their major models:

Summit SCFF220 65” Wide Frost-Free Chest Freezer

Being 65” wide, the Summit SCFF220 offers nearly 20 cubic feet of space which is ample for most family’s needs. With its electronic thermostat, you can control its interior fan forced air cooling. Likewise, its inside temperature remains consistent throughout the unit. Also, the interior is insulated with a foam type lid. Furthermore, this unit has a lock for enhanced security. It was made to be environmentally friendly and contains no chemicals that may damage the ozone.   It comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and service and a 5 year compressor warranty.

The SCFF220 is commercially approved and thus can be used in medical facilities, restaurants, and food service establishments.

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Summit SCFF120 Frost-Free Chest Freezer

Total storage capacity of the SCFF120 is 13.5 cubic feet, making it ideals for moderate storage needs. This unit can also be used in places where food services are held, restaurants, and medical facilities.   Basically, this free standing chest freezer is a “bare bones” model without the extra features of more costly models. It measures at 45” wide, 29” deep, and 35” in height, making it easier to fit in most spaces than other Summit models. Its forced, cool air ensures an even freezing temperature throughout its interior. Parts and labor are covered under its 1 year warranty. The compressor is covered for 5 years.

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Summit SCFF70 42” Wide Frost-Free Chest Freezer

The SCFF70 contains all of the fundamental features of the above models but offers only 7.5 cubic feet. However, you can save money by purchasing this unit if your expected freezing needs are small to moderate. With slightly smaller dimensions, it may be ideal for cottages as well as homes. Included is a 1 year warranty on parts and service and a 5 year compressor warranty.

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Is a chest freezer with a frost-free feature crucial for your needs? If you absolutely hate defrosting such a large unit yourself, you may want to go with one of the above models. These units can cost as much as 5 times more than manual defrost freezers. Considering the amount of work they’ll save you, they may as well be worth the investment.