If you’re looking for a high quality freezer, the Haier line has a broad selection to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a freezer for smaller spaces or a larger unit that can hold a half of a beef, there are different sizes that offer a host of features. Here are five of the top rated Haier freezers for your consideration.

Haier HUMo13EA 1-2/7 Cubic Foot Compact Space Saver Upright Freezer

This compact unit has one and two sevenths cubic foot capacity and hold up to 46 pounds of food. Coated wire shelf that slides out for organization and easy access to contents. This mini freezer is deal for a dorm room, apartment or any area where space is an issue.Users rated this unit with 4.0 out of 5 possible stars.


This unit is a great space saver that runs quietly. Perfect for small spaces and it freezes items at a cold temperature and keeps them frozen. Would recommend to others.


Several customers reported that this unit arrived in damaged condition, but worked as promised. Some lower space lost to the motor parts. Great temperature controls and removable rack is a plus. Reversible door hinge is also useful.

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Haier HFo9CM1oNW Chest Freezer, 8.9 Cubic Feet

This chest freezer provides 8.9 cubic feet of storage capacity and is great for stocking up on items at the grocery store. It comes with a removable basket and divider which allow you to better organize and access items in the freezer. It holds 250 pounds of frozen food. Included are adjustable temperature controls, a temperature alarm indicator to warn if the temperature goes up, interior lights to illuminate the inside of the freezer, defrost drain system and casters for easy movement.


Freezer works as promised.


This freezer arrived with a dent on the corner, assumed it was damaged in transit during shipping.

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Haier America 5. Cubic Feet Chest Freezer – White

This freezer holds 175 pounds of frozen food. It has a space saving flat back design and includes an easy access defrost drain and removable basket for easy organization of and access to freezer items.Users gave this unit a rating of 3.5 out of 5 possible stars.


Small size makes it great for compact areas and good for use of a small sized family. The unit works very well.


This freezer makes a jiggling sound inside when it is working and there is no front indicator light.

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Haier HUF 138PB 13.8 Cubic Foot Capacity Full Size Frost Free Freezer, White

This upright model features 5 door shelves, 3 full width wire cabinet shelves, and interior light, one slide out storage basket and holds 483 pounds of frozen food.Customers who purchased and used this unit gave it a 2.8 out of 5 possible stars.


Free shipping was the selling point for this unit for one customer. The defrosting unit is excellent.


One customer remarked that the thermostat was not working properly and he could not get the unit to cool below 35 degrees F.

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This is a review of Haier’s four top rated freezers. They come in a variety of styles and sizes. Small capacity freezers are useful in areas where space is a concern. There are also units designed for smaller, medium and large sized family use.