Have you ever wanted an additional freezer? Is your refrigerator’s freezer packed to capacity? When you shop for frozen goods, is freezer space a factor in what you can or can’t buy? Perhaps, you may want to consider an upright freezer.

Popular Upright Freezers

Midea WHS-109F Stainless Steel Reversible Door/Upright 3.0 cu ft

Here’s a freezer you can adjust to your own likings and requirements. Make it as cold (or not so cold) as you see fit.   This free standing unit has a reversible door and adjustable legs. With it’s wire drawers and top shelf, you can store large objects in it. However, it would be more ideal if it had one or two more shelfs for easier organization.   To ensure satisfactory service, this unit comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor and a 2-year warranty on the compressor.

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SPT UF-304W Energy Star Upright, 3.0 cu ft, White

The SPT UF-304W comes with features standard to typical uprights such as an adjustable thermostat. Because it is manual defrost, you can clean it out on your own schedule. Its 3 wired baskets make organization easy without the worry of packages of food tumbling out once the freezer’s opened up. It also has a white exterior. Its flush back design saves space as the unit can be pushed up against the wall.

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SPT UF-304SS Energy Star Upright, 3.0 cu ft, Stainless Steel    

This handy unit features an adjustable thermostat to allow you to store foods without freezing them like a solid rock. With its manual defrost feature, you choose when you want to clean out the inside. It provides 3 wired baskets that enable you to organize foods to make them easy to find, all without them falling out when opening the door. Also, it has a stainless steel door for easy cleaning and an elegant appearance. To maximize space, you can push the unit up against the wall, as it features a flush back design. The SPT UF-304SS has an Energy Guide label indicating an estimated $28.80 in energy savings costs per year.

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Upright freezers are nice and handy to own. Most models have stainless steel doors and exteriors. As opposed to deep chest freezers, uprights fit in narrower spaces and often work well side-by-side to conventional refrigerators.

Most all models have standard features as removable shelves and adjustable thermostats, which make decision making easy for shoppers. Because of this, your chances of purchasing a unit that doesn’t fit your needs well are very small. Best of all, you need not have to pull stuff out and dig to the bottom of the freezer to find a particular item.