Do you need an extra freezer to supplement your refrigerator? When grocery shopping, must you consider freezer space before buying certain frozen foods? If so, you may want to consider an upright deep freezer. As opposed to a chest freezer, an upright is not as wide and therefore, does not take up as much room. Hence, such units are great for apartments or dorms.

Uprights are convenient since you need not have to dig for a specific item. Sometimes, frozen foods that lie at the bottom of a chest freezer can become freezer burnt if they are forgotten and stored too long, especially if you have a large unit. Sorting out different foods can be difficult unless your freezer has more than one basket and/or divided sections.

Most of all, frost-free upright freezers are easy to clean. However, if the frost-free feature is very important to you, these units cost much more than manual defrost models.

Top 3 Models

Following is a comparison of three free-standing, upright, frost-free freezers that hold 13.7 cubic feet of frozen goods:

ECOAP FR 502-650 SS Stainless Steel Upright Freezer

Organization is easy with its shelf and fruit and vegetable crisper. Also, it includes a 2-liter bottle rack for beverages. Having a net weight of 180 pounds, it is light as compared to other freezers its size. Its stainless steel doors assure for easy cleaning and coordinates with all colors of kitchen décor. Its size is 29” length by 28” depth by 61” height allowing it to fit in tight spaces.

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Equator FR502-650 Upright Frost Free Freezer

The FR502-650 freezer is ideal for those with small to moderate amounts of frozen goods. With its door rack and crisper, organization of foods is easy. Its reversible door ensures that this freezer won’t be a nuisance to access. Weighing 159 pounds, it is lighter than similar models of its storage space. Measuring 31” in length by 30” width by 65” height it is perfect for apartment or dorm use.

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Midea HS-502FWE Upright Deep Freezer

The HS-502FWE is perfect for a dorm room or an apartment. It is even commercially approved to be used in a restaurant. Its adjustable legs give this unit a small amount of flexibility in adjusting its height. Being rated as an Energy Star model, you can be assured of significant annual savings in your electric bill.

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Nothing is more convenient than a frost-free upright freezer. It eliminates the need to scrape out frost and risk damaging a freon line. Uprights take up little space and can even be used in kitchens with limited room. With vertical storage, you can see most everything at once, eliminating the need to dig. If these features are important to you, buying a frost-free unit may be worth the investment.