If you travel or camp out a lot, you definitely want to consider a portable refrigerator for your automobile. Toting coolers may seem efficient enough, but the ice in them will melt, especially if left in hot cars. This means you must stop frequently to reload your cooler. Before you do, you must drain out its excessive water. This is such a hassle and large coolers require muscular people.

However, with a car refrigerator, all you need to do is plug it into a car outlet and it will run indefinitely. Even if the interior of the vehicle is hot, the food in the fridge will stay cool. Many units can run off of electricity provided by household AC outlets.

Top Car Refrigerators

ARB 10800472 Fridge Freezer- 50 Quart

If you absolutely must have a car fridge and can afford one at close to $1,000, this superb unit will definitely fill your needs. The ARB 10800472 maintains an internal coldness of 0° regardless of the vehicle’s inside temperature. Even when the automobile is turned off, it will keep running. Along with 72 12 oz cans of soda, this fridge can also store a 2 liter bottle.

Included are 2 power cables: the DC power cable which hooks up to your car’s 12/24-volt DC power outlet plus the AC power cable which plugs into a home electrical outlet. Amongst 150 viewers, the ARB 10800472 earns a 4.5 of 5 star rating. If its features are crucial to your needs, this unit will be well worth the investment.

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Dometic CF-025DC Portable Freezer/Refrigerator

Holding 23 liters (72 12 oz cans) you can be sure it offers ample room for your family’s recreational needs. Likewise, you can store two 2-liter bottles in the upright position. The Dometic CF-025DC can also be used as a deep freezer. With its 2-stage battery monitoring system, you will be alerted when the unit is to be recharged. It also includes a simple, secure top lid lock and soft-touch operating panel functions with a digital read out.

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Dometic CDF-11 Smallest Portable Freezer/Refrigerator

At a mid-range price, the CDF-11 may be all the car refrigerator you will need. Weighing just under 20 lbs, this unit is easy to tote around. To ensure its DC power won’t die unexpectedly, it has a 3-stage battery monitoring system. Soft-touch panel buttons and a digital read out make for easy operation. Additionally, the CDF-11 has a internal storage space of 10.5 liters (about 5 2-liter bottles). On top, it contains two cup holders ideal for holding cans of soda. Of 85 reviews, this model scores at 4.4 stars out of 5.

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Koolatron P75 36-Qt Kool Kaddy Electric Cooler/Warmer

Here is an affordable, small unit that holds 36 qts or about 57 cans of soda. Likewise, you can use it vertically as an upright or horizontally as a chest freezer. It chills down to 40° F and heats up to 135° F. It’s ideal for road trips, boating, camping, tailgate parties, or in a dorm room.

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Coleman 40 Qt PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler w/Outlet

Priced at around $100, the PowerChill cooler is an affordable way to add refrigerator/freezer service to your car or van. It hooks up via the vehicle’s 12 V plug in or into a standard home 120 V outlet. This unit can be used as an upright or deep chest fridge. Also, its door is reversible so it is not a nuisance when stocking or unloading foods. It holds 40 qts or the equivalent of 44 12 oz cans.

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So, whether you travel a lot or enjoy going to a beach or simply throwing a party, a portable refrigerator will be ideal for you. It will save you the labor and trouble of toting around and restocking a heavy large cooler. Not only are these fridges ideal for events away from home, they can be used as a supplement to your household refrigerator. Furthermore, they are great for small apartments or dorm rooms. Whatever your needs, a portable fridge is a great investment, especially with its many conveniences. Therefore, you will not regret owning one.