Many times, when in college, students often decide to live on campus in the college dorms, which calls for them needing a place to keep their food items, and keep them fresh daily. Dorm room refrigerators can be found far and wide, and there are many great brands to choose from. The top 6 dorm refrigerators are:


1. Danby DAR195 BL – The Danby DAR195 can be found in the color black, and is 1.8 cu.ft. tall. The price of the item is $119.00, is energy efficient and compact. The refrigerator is equipped with a door hinge that is reversible for right and left hand openng, and has a cycle defrost, making it a perfect item for a student dorm room. Customer reviews reveal that most people that purchase the Danby DAR, are satisfied with it.

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2. SPT Compact stainless steel refrigerator, is perfect for placing in a countertop, or a dorm room. The SPT has reversible doors that offer versatility, with the tall door rock for bottles, adjustable thermostat, and a ice maker that is separate. The pricing on the SPT is $172.00, and this includes free shipping. The slide out shelf made of wire, is very conveinent and sturdy for placing food items onto. The purchase price of the SPT is 172.00, and many people are satisfied with the product and it’s working conditions. There are many positive customer reviews on this fridge.

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3. Culinair AF100’S is a 1.7cubic foot compact refrigerator, that is black and silver in color. The Culinair AF dorm size refrigerator is not only good for dorm rooms, but can be used in bars, a nursery, and other places. The refrigerator is made of the best thermoelectric technology and includes other features such as an internal fan for the best possible circulation, and a thermostat that is adjustable. Most customers love how this compact fridge works.

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4. RCA RFR322 compact 3.2 CU refrigerator, made of fine stainless steel. Is a great addition to any type of room, especially a dorm room. The refrigerator has slide out shelves, an adjustable tthermostat, and a can and bottle holder that is built inside. The compressor cooling feature allows for the fridge to remain cool, even in hot weather conditions. The RCA RFR, has great reviews from many customers that have purchased it.

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5. Supentown RF3205 is a compact 3-1/5-cubic foot capacity sized refrigerator that contains a crisper, slide out shelf, and a can dispenser. The refrigerator is perfect for students living in a dorm room, and has a double door feature. The separate freezer compartment is a great advantage for frozen foods and ice cube trays. The customer reviews reveal that the Supentown fridge is the ideal fridge for using.


6. Frigidaire FFPH31M6LM is a 3.1 Cu. Ft. Silver compact refrigerator, that is priced around 300 dollars. The refrigerator has glass shelves inside for convenient storage, and features a freezer that is very easy fo access. The Frigidaire FFPH, is perfect for students residing in a college dorm room, and is compact enough for traveling. According to customer reviews, it is a quiet fridge, great for space saving.

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