Do you want to take advantage of those moments when your favorite grocery store has a major sale or has a special on bulk buys? Perhaps, you need a stand-alone freezer; these types of freezers are a good investment because of the extra storage space that they provide and a well-stocked freezer can also make it easier to plan dinners.

Looking for the best freezer for your life? Check out these three freezer reviews to help you identify which freezer has the most useful features, are reliable, and will provide you with the solid performance that you will need to keep your extra food fresh for long periods of time.


This is a 15 cubic foot freezer and it is a strong performer in performance and energy efficiency tests. Also, this chest freezer is roomy, quiet, and contains four sliding baskets for storage. Other features include a defrost drain and interior light. In addition, this chest freezer is Energy Star Qualified.

The GE FCM15PUWW is an excellent choice if you want to store a lot of food, however it is not as easy to use as the regular upright freezer. To make up for this issue, this GE chest freezer contains sliding storage baskets and an interior light that make for easier organization. In addition, it also comes with a drainage hose that helps with manual defrosting.

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The Bottom Line

The GE FCM15PUWW has plenty of room and provides ample storage space for a family of four. In addition, it is extremely energy efficient but will require manual defrosting.


2. Frigidaire FFU21F5HW

This Frigidarie upright freezers comes with 20.5 cubic feet of storage space but uses a fair amount of electricity and is noisier than a chest freezer. Features include interior light, digital controls, open door alarm, and automatic defrost.

The Frigidaire FFU21F5HW has four wire shelves, a wide storage bin, and six door bins that put everything in reach of your fingertips. In addition, this American made upright freezer has a Digital temperature control is located on the door so you can adjust the temperature without opening the freezer.

The Bottom Line

The Frigidaire FFU21F5HW keeps a consistent temperature which is essential for keeping food fresh. In addition, it is important to note that auto defrosting freezers are usually louder than those that defrost manually.

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Haier HCMo5oEC

This 5 cubic foot compact freezer is ideal for small homes. It is quiet and excellent at maintaining an even temperature, however it is not Energy Star qualified. Admittedly, this small freezer doesn’t have much space or fancy features but its compact size is considered a plus. In addition, it requires manual defrosting but is very reliable.

The Haier HCMo5oEC comes with a power on light and a single storage basket. Also, the interior could be better organized but, surprisingly, it can accommodate large items. In addition, this compact freezer does an excellent job at maintaining a constant temperature.

The Bottom Line

The smaller size of the Haier HCMo5oEC makes it easier to clean and install. Also it will have to be defrosted manually but it has a drain to simplify the process. In addition, this freezer does tend to frost up quickly but an ice scraper or a little warm water can keep the frost buildup at bay.

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If you are looking for extra storage space for your food, an extra freezer is an excellent investment. To this end, the above freezer reviews were performed to help you make an informed decision. In addition, it is important to note that, all of these freezers can be found for an affordable price at Amazon.