The Liebherr line of refrigerators by LG are designed and manufactured to be a high quality product that provides a full line of useful features with an attractive appearance. The following review is provided to help shoppers to see the benefits of owning a Liebherr refrigerator by showing the features and providing an overview about what others had to say about these units.

Liebherr CS2062 36 Freestanding French door Refrigerator/Freezer/SS/IM

This unit features dual refrigeration, precise electronic controls, gallon holder with Active Green and Energy Star certification. It is designed to be multifunctional and provide ample space for storage both in the refrigeration an freezing compartments.

Customers gave this refrigerator an overall rating of 3.5. It is an attractive unit that keeps the contents cold in a uniform manner with accurate temperatures and a great internal layout for ease of access. The stainless exterior does tend to retain fingerprints and needs to be polished regularly to maintain the appearance. It is an energy and money saver when it comes time to pay the power bill. The warranty program is excellent and hassle free. While some users complained about the small amounts of ice produced by the ice makers, others remarked that it consistently produces large amounts of ice. The reviews were mixed on this item, but overall, the reviews are positive and remain above average.

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Liebherr CBS20262 18.8 Cubic Feet Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator – Energy Star

This unit features 18.8 feet of roomy storage space with a French door bottom freezer. Customers who purchased and used this items report that the temperatures are consistently maintained and that the stainless exterior is easily cleaned with windex. The design is logical with a sleek European flair. The super freeze mode works almost as well as a flash freezer. There have been a few customer concerns about food in the top shelf freezing, but adjustments to the temperature settings have corrected the problem. Not all customers were satisfied with the quality of this product, but the majority was and some of them recommend the purchase of this refrigerator to others.

Liebherr 15.5 Cubic Feet Freestanding Stainless Steel Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator – CS1660

This unit features 15.5 cubic feet of storage space with a French door design, 3 freezer drawers, 4 glass shelves, factory installed ice maker, LED lighting, gallon door storage, digital temperature display and right hand door swing.

Those who gave it high marks commented on the attractive appearance of the floor to ceiling design and the fact that it looks like a built in unit. Performance, according to some is outstanding with features that make it handy for organizing and accessing stored items. The stainless steel is an attractive feature and the unit runs quietly and efficiently. Some customers felt that units they received were not of high quality because of internal failures that needed repairs soon after purchase. As with any item, some products are a better fit for some customers than for others.

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