Do you need a new refrigerator? Or perhaps you already have a refrigerator, but you are looking for a second one for more storage space, or for the convenience of having cold beverages anywhere in your home or work. A small, simple, compact refrigerator without a freezer compartment may be the best choice for you. A smaller fridge can be great in smaller living spaces, such as an apartment or dorm room. A little fridge to cool your beverages in your office might be very convenient for you, and it’s the perfect thing for you to store your lunch in too. What kind of compact refrigerator may be best? Here are a couple models from Danby that might suit you.

Danby DAR195BL

This little model is only 44 lbs. and 1.8 cubic feet. It has a neat beverage dispenser that holds up to five of your favorite sodas or beer. It has a reversible door hinge, which is very handy depending on the arrangement of your space and personal preference. As far as aesthetics go, this baby is sleek black with steel trim and white interior. The handle is integrated. There is an automatic defrost – it cycles so you have one less thing to worry about.

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Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center

The beverage center is a great concept for someone that just needs a place to chill their soda or beer. A college student may want one of these in their dorm to stash some beers, while someone working in an office could definitely benefit from keeping their sodas cold. A guy working on cars in his garage may want a separate fridge to store a couple cold ones. The beverage center is much taller than the DAR195BL model from Danby. It’s tall enough for bottles, but can also store up to 120 cans. The thermostat can range from 43 – 57 degrees Fahrenheit. The shelves are black wire with a light that comes on when the door is opened. Keep children or pesky co-workers from taking your drinks with an¬†integrated lock with key.

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Danby Designer DARo44A1BDD

Another option from Danby is the Designer series. The DARo44A1BDD is 4.4 cubic feet and almost 60 lbs, so it is slightly larger than some of the other Danby models mentioned. The Energy Star rating makes this ideal for someone worried about efficiency, the environment, or the cost of running a second refrigerator in their home or apartment. Wire shelves are versatile to ensure maximum storage, and there is a CanStor beverage dispensing system. The door on this refrigerator is also reversible and comes in black.

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A small, compact refrigerator may be just what you need to keep a few sodas cold in a den, garage, study or other area of your house far from the kitchen. A dorm room or small apartment requires a small fridge. An office is just the place as well for a small refrigerator that can store your lunch box. Danby offers several models; the three mentioned above each have something unique to offer that would suit your needs.