No matter where you go in the world, you will soon find out that everyone enjoys eating ice cream. Ice cream is a frozen dairy desert treat that is a favorite among the masses. So many people like ice cream that commercial shops have been set up to satisfy their craving. Shop owners and managers who sell ice cream, know they must use an ice cream freezer to make and store this dairy product. The following information will explain about ice cream freezer models and how they work.

Ice Cream Freezer Models

There are two different categories of ice cream freezers. One type is for commercial use and the other kind is designed to be used in a home. Commercial ice cream freezers are designed to store ice cream or they are manufactured to create this product. First, we’ll examine the commercial ice cream freezer models and then we’ll take a look at the types that are used in the home.

Commercial Ice Cream Freezers for Storage and Display

All ice cream shops have some type of commercial ice cream freezer unit to store and display their products. Commercial ice cream freezers differ in size and shape but most resemble a chest freezer that is normally used to keep meat or frozen goods.

The cubic space for ice cream freezers vary among models but the average size is around 15 cubic square feet. This amount of space is necessary for storing and displaying ice cream products that businesses sell. Ice cream freezers usually have sliding doors though some units have doors that open in an upward direction.

Shelving is also included on many units since it is needed to divide up the different items that are on display. Shelving can be stacked or set up side by side. Most ice cream freezer models have temperature controls on the unit and they can range between 0 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher temperature setting on these machines will allow owners to use their freezers as a refrigerator for keeping items cold without being frozen.

Commercial Ice Cream Freezer Makers

Ice cream freezer makers are slightly different from their counterparts that are used for storage and displaying purposes. Units that are designed to make ice cream produce this product on demand. The ingredients are usually poured into the top the machine (or on the side) where they are mixed together. A lever attachment is available to get the ice cream from the machine which is then added to a cone or bowl.

Some ice cream freezer makers are large enough to serve 2 or more flavors at one time. Machines that have this ability have separate compartments and nozzles for each flavor so that they do not mix together when served. They also have temperature controls for making harder or softer varieties of ice cream and the mixing speed can be adjusted as well. The temperature range for ice cream freezer maker units will vary by machine but most will have temperature between 0 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Both types of commercial ice cream freezers can be manufactured and sold as portable units. Shop owners can transport them to outdoor events such as fair and festivals. They can also be used for barbecues and cookouts.

Ice Cream Freezers for Home use

Ice cream freezer models that are used in the home are nothing like their commercial counterparts. As a matter of fact, most residential ice cream freezers are no different than ice cream makers. There are some units that are designed to store ice cream but they are only recommended for people and families that consume a lot of ice cream. There are some portable models that could be used at parks or different types of social functions since they are designed for this purpose. Most of these units have temperature and mixing controls. The average space for these models is around 2 cubic square feet.

Amazon Ice Cream Freezers

Amazon offers a variety of ice cream freezer models to consumers and they include the Kelvinator Commercial Ice Cream Novelty Freezer 7.2 Cft Model Kcgo7oGw; SaniServ 521 Soft Serve/Yogurt Twist Freezer, floor model, air-cooled seIf- c; and Omcan 31456 Commercial XS-26oYX Ice Cream Display Freezer/Novelty Case. Each of these models is priced differently and they serve different functions.