Chest freezers are really a great choice for those people who are looking for a large storage space. If yours is a big family or you want a large storage space for your restaurant, then you can choose to go with large chest freezers. When you explore the internet, you can find myriad of chest freezers under various brand name. You may also come across certain chest freezers that ensure frost free operation as well as auto fast freeze option. While the models with frost free operation hinders the baskets and trays from icing up, the fast free option enables quick freezing. Here are two best chest freezers in black that gratify your storage needs.

2. Igloo 5.1 Cu Ft Chest Freezer, Black

Igloo 5.1 cu ft Chest Freezer provides you with ample room for stocking up household favorites as well as sale items. It includes an adjustable thermostat with a freezing temperature of minus 18 degrees. This is an energy star rated product which means that it comes with energy efficient feature. It is really a high-performing appliance with deep and quick cooling and freezing unit whilst maintaining the quality of the food for several days. You can easily defrost the unit as it comes with a comfy cap for draining the water.

Igloo 5.1 cubic feet chest freezer is designed to be compact and so, it just takes a little space. Despite its compactness, it provides more space for storing a huge amount of foods, drinks and medical equipments. 5.1 cubic feet chest freezer from igloo is made out of high quality components with an excellent finish on its exterior. All these features combine together to bestow it a classy yet graceful look altogether. This best quality chest freezer comes with LED indicator lighting that lights up the entire unit.

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1. Franklin Chef Fcf301b 10.6 Cubic Foot Black Chest Freezer

This model from Franklin Chef ensures user friendly versatile storage space for the users. In fact, this is the cost effective means of stocking up and storing your preferred foods for several days. If storage space in your home is limited, you definitely need this freezer which is not only compact but also large enough to store bags of groceries easily. It befits with walls while opening from the top. It is provided with adequate capacity for meeting most of your storing needs. This specific item includes a feature of switching between two temperatures and so you can store any variety of products easily. This unit also features a convenient power indicating light that ensures proper storage of foods. Just with a glance, you can make sure whether the freezer is properly plugged in and working or not.

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Almost all the units come with standard features including counter balanced hinges, forced air cooling, baskets for storing foods and beverages and lock for having the contents of the unit in a secure manner. but if you want something that ultimately meets your requirements, you should determine your storage needs before investing on these chest freezers.