An upright freezer is kitchen appliance that is designed as a stand-alone freezing unit. The purpose of the upright freezer is to store extra food items for families when they have a lot of bulk. Upright freezes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they have different storage capacities as well. The following information will cover some of the basic features of an upright freezer and the benefits that they provide to families for storing their food stuffs.


Frost free upright freezers are designed to look like a standard refrigerator. They come with door handles and stand around 5’ tall. Most of these units contain shelving but a few of them have empty space on the inside.

Shelving is necessary for most upright refrigerators because there must be room to store various food items without piling them on top of each other. Since most people tend to freeze large slabs of meat then many upright freezer models with shelving provide enough space to house this type of meat. If the shelving does not provide enough adequate space then it can be removed to accommodate any large-sized food item that has to be stored.

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Many upright freezer models have bottom drawers that can be used to freeze items such as frozen dinners, popsicles or small bags of frozen vegetables. The interior door area of an upright freezer will usually contain shelving space as well. This is great for storing food items such as yogurt cups, butter sticks and extra bottles of juice.

Temperature control is a necessary function for upright freezers. As a general rule, freezers will significantly extend the shelf life of organic based foods but that does not mean that they will make them fresh forever. However, some upright freezer models can extend the life of some foods because of their ability to generate lower temperature. Some high-end upright freezer models are capable of generating temperatures lower than 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frost-Free Units

Whenever there is moisture and below freezing temperatures, frost is going to form. Having a frost-free model allows a homeowner to defrost their refrigerator unit without having to manually remove frost build-up. Many upright freezer units have the frost-free design built-in and will periodically defrost a freezer on its own. Food will not spoil during the defrosting process.

Energy Saving Capabilities

Upright freezers tend to use more energy than refrigerators. The units require more energy to keep food frozen for a longer period of time. However, there are power saving models that are designed to use less energy than standard upright units. Energy Star upright freezer units save homeowners money on their electrical bills because they are designed with technology that maximizes smaller amounts of energy input. Ultimately, an Energy Star freezer model could save a person at least 10% off of their electricity bill.

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Special Upright Freezer Units

There are some special upright freezer models that are designed for outdoor use. These units are great for outdoor patios and decks. They can also be used at barbecues to store frozen meat or for outdoor events where food items have to be quickly chilled.

While it is not common, some manufacturers have created some outright freezer models that are so powerful that they can freeze food items within an hour. Again, units like these are best suited for people who like to host large parties or events, especially during the summer time.


While anyone can purchase an upright freezer model, the units are recommended for people who have large families (5 or more children) or who entertain a lot of guests. Upright freezers could be used as a stand-alone freezing unit allowing homeowners to purchase a refrigerator model that does not contain a freezer section. This will allow families to have a lot more storage space for foods that are normally kept inside of a refrigerator.

Upright Freezer Models on Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online retailer that carries upright freezer units. Consumers can log on to Amazon and check out some of the models that they offer. Some of the popular upright freezer models include the Frigidaire FKC17F7QT 16.7 Cu. Ft. Classic Slate Upright Freezer, Frost-Free Outdoor All-Freezer For Built-In Or Freestanding Use In Black and the Frigidaire FFU14F5H 13.7 Cubic Foot Upright Freezer with Automatic Alerts and Frost-Free Operation. The units tend to move fast and interested consumers should act quickly to purchase them.

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