Buying a new Frost Free Freezer has gotten a whole lot easier and more complex with the Internet and in today’s article, we will be looking at helping you find a freezer that fits in with your needs and wouldn’t strain your already overworked budget.

You could be buying a freezer for many reasons:

Your old combination RefrigeratorlFreezer has run out of space

You want to save money by buying in bulk

You want peace of mind and to be prepared in case of natural disasters and you want to have a supply of frozen foods on hand

Your family enjoys fishing and hunting and wish to preserve your catch or meat

You are running a catering service, deli or other eating establishment

So, for whatever reason you can find a frost free freezer that will meet your requirements online on Amazon.

So many to Choose

Your first problem will be to choose the type of freezer you want as they come in many varieties:


Bed Type



Handle Type

Reversible Door

Glass Fronted


Single door

Double door

Combination Freezer Refrigerator

Top freezer

Bottom freezer

Energy Star Rated

These are general headings you can look for and you can get various combinations of the above that blend these features. Each has its good points and you have to look next at where you are going to put the freezer, as it will along with use, dictate the type you purchase For Example Delis prefer glass door freezers to put their various sandwiches on display for their customers to see for carryout.

Brand Names
Many people want quality or are comfortable with a Brand they have used in the past. Amazon carries a wide variety many you know and some you should learn about as they are rapidly making a name for themselves.

Brands like:











Energy Star

Amazon is always finding new Brands and as old names are starting to fade through mergers or competition, a new crop of more energy efficient freezers are rising to meet customer’s needs. Green is the driving force today and the freezers of today must meet much more stringent environmental requirements. Power consumption is also becoming more of a buying point as prices of electricity is going through the roof.

Additional things you might want to consider

If your freezer is and outdoor type, you will want to make sure it is has a lockable door, to prevent pilferage and children from finding their way inside

If you are freezer is for emergencies or disaster planning. A backup power source such as a Gasoline generator, UPS battery/Inverter, or a Solar Energy sources are available

Freezer mats and other accessories needed such as freezer bags and wrap

Preparation of Game and Fish for Freezing

Learning the proper way to label food for the freezer

Length Time food will keep its freshness

Proper Thawing methods


Buying a Frost Free Freezer can be difficult even with Amazon. You must decide upfront your needs, type, Brand, and other concerns upfront. Then you will be better prepared to select the freezer that gives you all of the things you want to have in your purchase.

Brands are evolving or fading from the market. New ones are taking their place with names and countries of origin you may never have heard of in this new Global village in which we find ourselves.

However, by doing your homework and a little preplanning you can get a Frost Free Freezer that does everything you want and give many years of reliable service for you and your family.