The “Cooler” Things About College, “Man-Toys”, and Personal Space

So, you are finally doing it; heading away from the old “homestead” and setting up your first base camp for yourself. College is a big step, but so is getting a new RV, boat, or remodeling a spare room into a “man-cave”. Regardless of the next huge step you are taking, you are going to need the invaluable dorm size refrigerator to keep not only beverages cold, but those snacks and sandwich makings you need during those long stretches in your new environment.

While you are just setting foot into the realm of being “on your own”, and have many paths and lessons ahead of you, the very first thing you must consider is your finances. You will need to save money, unless you are financially independent. Otherwise, having snacks and drinks on hand is going to save major funds in the long run. If you need a mini- or dorm size refrigerator for you boat or RV, you know this is the very best way to save those extra pennies, and for those of you who perhaps need a fridge that is just right for your in home bar or man-cave, well, we have the answers for all of you. Below you will find reviews covering 5 different dorm size refrigerators, all available for purchase on, which are of the finest quality at the most affordable prices. Whether you are a student, a traveler, or simply entertaining friends, you should be able to narrow down just what you need by going over the information below.

The Top 5 Dorm Size Refrigerators

Here we will give you a thorough overview of your best options for dorm sized refrigerators that will fit most any small refrigeration unit need. We will list the brand from basic quality (5) to superior quality (1), the features offered with each, and the specifs offered by the manufacturer as it applies to the refrigerator. We will also give a pro and con for each as listed by consumers who have purchased and used the product; read on and educate yourself as to the best choice for you and your personal refrigeration needs:

5. 1.7 Cubic Ft. ThermElec Fridge in White

This dorm size refrigerator is clean in color and compact in use, featuring 1.7 cubic feet of inner storage to keep drinks and smaller snack items as cold as you like them. Priced to sell, this unit features two shelves in the main body as well as storage for canned beverages and larger containers, such as those holding milk orjuice. For those who simply want to keep things cold, this is a great choice that is priced right.

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Backside of unit sits flush, saving maximum space.

Sunken handle allows for easy access.

No Compression! This technology is designed to be mindful of the environment.

In-door can holder conveniently dispenses one can at a time!

2 liter total capacity in-door bottle storage (separate from can storage and dispenser).

Product Specifications

Dimensions of Unit: 17.94″ Width, 21″ Length, 20.31″ Height.

1.7 cubic foot capacity (net).

What Consumers Say:

The dorm size refrigerator is quiet, light, and designed well, prompting many who have made the initial purchase to pursue the same model in the future. It maintains proper temperature and is energy saving in its use of power. The customers seem to love it. For those with a need for this type of appliance, the absence of a freezer was no problem, as they made their purchase according to need. There are really no complaints, and for the quality and the price, this is a dorm size refrigerator worth looking into.

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4. SPT 2.5 cubic foot Compact Refrigerator (Black Sides/Stainless Door)

Priced a bit higher than the previous dorm size refrigerator, but worth it, this compact unit is easy to keep clean (making it perfect for the dorm atmosphere!), and more than sufficient in fulfilling its purpose in regard to refrigeration. A perfect size for any of the needs discussed previously, you simply cannot go wrong, particularly if you are needing
the unit for casual entertainment.

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Adjustable Thermostat

Only $28 per year to run!

Adjustable wire shelving allows for flexibility in organization.

Reversible door for convenience.

Storage drawer features transparent glass shelf for easy identification of drawer contents.

Product Specifications

Net Capacity: 2.5 cubic feet

Easy to organize

Maintains temperature well; adjustable thermostat.

What Consumers Say:

While most who have purchased this dorm sized refrigerator claim it keeps things cold, is of perfect size and design, and is not as clamorous as they expected, they also love the way it looks and performs. They love the temperature control feature and the ability to adjust the storage area to fit their needs. While it costs a few dollars more than the last product, it is high quality and looks great. It is a popular seller, particularly for home use, and is highly recommended for such.

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3. The Danby DAR259BL 2.5 cubic foot Designer Compact Refrigerator (all black)

This dorm size refrigerator is highly attractive to the eye, delivers top of the line performance, and fits great in the smallest of spaces without compromising efficiency. It is a top choice for use in private homes, offices, and boats or camping units, and does exactly what it is made to do forjust about the same price as the unit listed at #4.

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This unit features plenty of space to keep drinks and snacks or lunches just the right temperature, is energy efficient, and highly attractive and easy to clean. With a top of the door handle it is hard to miss the target when opening the door, and the inner design provides for flexibility of adjustment when it comes to shelving and storage organization.

Product Specifications

This dorm size refrigerator is priced right and perfect for any need, whether it be office, home, or otherwise. It is very popular with consumers, who not only give rave reviews regarding its performance when considering the fair price, but they love the adaptability of the unit aesthetically. For further product specs visit

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2. The SPT EnergyStar 3.2 cubic foot Stainless Steel 2-Door Refrigerator

Now we are talking a beautiful dorm size refrigerator with anything you could possibly dream of, including beauty of appearance. Inexpensive to operate, easy to fit anywhere, and performing like no other, this fridge is a shoe-in for the 2 spot.

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Stainless Steel Finish for easy cleaning and attractive appearance; goes with anything!

Adjustable shelving for customization.

Reversible doors

Backside is flush for close fit

Can dispenser

Bottle Rack

Glass shelves

See-through vegetable drawer

Product Specifications

3.2 cubic foot capacity (net)

$28 operating cost annually

1 year parts and labor warranty

65 lbs.

19.5 x 18.8 x 33.6 inches

What Consumers Say:

This dorm size refrigerator is exactly what they were looking for, meeting their needs for keeping products cold while fitting in a smaller space, not to mention the fact that it looks great. This unit is highly recommended, and priced reasonably for the level of quality and performance you get.

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1. The Igloo 3.2 cubic foot Refrigerator/Freezer (stainless steel)

With a name like Igloo, it has to be good, and it not only lives up to its name, but it delivers on its price as well. This unit will not only cool your beverages, snacks, and other perishables, but it provides you with a freezer for ice production and those delicious frozen snacks you desire in the middle of the night.

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Excellent performance for your cooling and freezing needs

Great inner space for holding as much as you need.

Freezing capability

Adjustable shelving

Inner lighting

Product Specifications:

While this dorm size refrigerator is one of the finest, not only on the market, but produced by Igloo as well, you will find you have more than enough storage space, temperature control, and other desired features that typically come standard with a quality dorm size refrigerator. For more details on individual weights and measurements, this product is available on

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While there are a number of fine dorm size refrigerators available for great prices, we have shared with you our choices for quality, performance, aesthetics, and affordability. Research your personal options to discover what type of unit will best suit your needs. Visit for the widest selection and best prices available, and purchase your dorm size refrigerator today!