The dorm rooms in many colleges and universities typically have a few pieces of furniture. There will be one or two beds, a desk, and chairs. One item that is missing and is one of the first that is added once a student moves in is a mini refrigerator. There are many options available based on the selections which are available. A review of the top 7 dorm size refrigerators is needed to get a better idea of the styles and the types an individual student may prefer.

1. Danby DAR1958L

This dorm sized refrigerator will easily fit under the desk in a dorm room. This is a great option for any students that want to limit clutter around the room. There are three pieces of shelving that can easily be adjusted to meet storage needs. The inside of the door also has a beverage dispenser than will hold five cans of soda pop or other types of canned drinks. This unit can be purchased for under $120.

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2. Magic Chef MCBR170

This is a dorm sized refrigerator that includes a separate freezer area. This means students can have the choice of using it for making ice or to keep food frozen. The legs are adjustable and means the unit can easily be set in a level position on the ground. One aspect of this unit that is beneficial is it only weighs 19 pounds.

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3. Danby DAR259

This is a large-sized unit that will be a good option for anyone who is sharing a dorm room. The unit is able to open to the right or left based on the position of the hinges. There are two shelves that offer any user to achieve maximum storage. A mechanical thermostat can be used to adjust the temperature. This model of dorm sized refrigerator has a measurement of 2.5 cubic inches.

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4. Haier ECR27

There is adequate room in this dorm sized refrigerator for food and beverages. A separate freezer offers an option to keep ice handy or to keep any type of food frozen. The unit has two interior shelves with a pair of door shelves that can accommodate up to three two-liter containers. Another benefit for students moving into a dorm is the unit weighs about 40 pounds.

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5. Danby DAR440

This is a counter-height dorm sized refrigerator that has ample storage space and will be a great option for any college student. There is an automatic defrost feature and a mechanical thermostat. Users have the option to use a separate freezer section to keep frozen dinners or to make ice. The interior shelving can be adjusted for any size of container, such as cans and bottles. The weight of the refrigerator is just less than 65 pounds. However, this is one of the more expensive units at a cost of $289.

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6. Emerson CR500

Students who want the option of a separate freezer section will benefit using this refrigerator. There are many features that make this a great addition to any dorm room. The refrigerator compartment includes one drawer in addition to internal door shelving. This unit has a measurement of 3.1 cubic feet.

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7. Haier 3.2 Cu Ft Refrigerator/Freezer

Parents looking for an inexpensive dorm sized refrigerator cannot go wrong with this item as there is a variety of features. The unit has a full-width freezer section and two interior glass shelves. The bin that is in the door is gallon-sized to accommodate tall bottles. There is also two dispense-a-can compartments to store up to eight cans.

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